Al-Karim Is An Iconic Textile Brand Of Pakistan Which Was Established In 1970 And Deals In A Vast Domain Of Clothing Items.

Al-Karim’s clothing line includes both stitched and unstitched fabrics so that our customers can choose and adopt the styles of their own. We specialize in embellishments that are incorporated into multiple product lines.

We strategize to bring colors of east and west; showcasing traditional clothing and western wear side by side for multiple tastes out there. Our goal is to cater to fashionistas of all ages. Fresh stock is sent to stores multiples times each week.

We plan to grow both with new stores and online, in existing as well as new markets to make good quality fashion accessible for local and international customers. Alkarim’s philosophy is to transform wardrobes by providing high-quality products in affordable prices that are exquisite one of a kind pieces!